About Us

Newz Chowk is the most credible and popular name in the media world for information, news, analysis and debate related to media. This portal is known for its uniqueness, cleanliness, honesty, courage, and public concern. Newz Chowk is a new media platform that specially exposes the ink-white in-house media, represents the misery of common media workers. With the publication published, the entire media world determines the mindset.

The founder and editor of this portal are Brijendra Singh who has been working in big newspapers in India. Yashwant launched this portal in the year 2019 to highlight corruption within the media. With the aim of upholding the missionary position of journalism, this English portal has a team of thousands of experienced, honest and conscious media workers from all over the country, who work online from sending and updating the news.

Newz Chowk not only publishes information, news, analysis related to the media world, but also gives news that the mainstream corporate media refuses to print showing due to its selfish interests and correlations with corrupt people.